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Last updated June 2012

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work?

Ever wondered how old you had to be to start working a job, or what the age related restrictions applied to you? Now you can find a single source is all of your questions about minimum age or How Old Do You Have To Be To Work?.


Finally there is a place to look-up, vote on, and send disses to your friends, frenemies, and enemies. Don't get dissed, get disses, get your diss on!.

Account Number On Check

Ever wonder where that account number on a check was? There is now a place to find all of this and more of your personal finance questions! Find all of the answer to all of your personal finance questions at account number on check.

Dependent Variable

From science projects to science terms, and easily understandable explanations of science terms, there is now a place to have all of your science questions answered. Get all of your science needs at

For Interviews

Ever had an interview question you couldn't answer? Or wish there was a place you could go to help you prep for your upcoming interviews. Find all of your interview answers at

Interview Thank You Email

Just wrapped up an interview and looking to write a thank you note? Interview Thank You Email is the place to go to find thank you email tips, etiquette, and templates to help you write the best thank you note after your interview!

Check it out today!

Best Browser

We all browse the web - have you ever wanted to know if the browser you were using was the best for you? Best browser brings you reviews of major browsers, tips on up and coming browsers, and info on security and mobile browsing too. See if you are using the right internet browser for you!.

Yours Sincerely

Letter writing isn't easy, especially when it is time for the dreaded sign off. Do you use your sincerely, yours faithfully, kind, regards, or something else? Yours sincerely has all the sign off tips for business and casual letter writing to get you writing letters like a pro.

Happy Halloween

Halloween is scary…well, not really, but it does only come once a year. Luckily for you, you can find halloween info every day! Happy Halloween is your exclusive guide to all things halloween, from pumpkin carving to costume selection, trick or treating and more you can find it all at!

Resignation Letter Format

Resigning from a job isn't easy, but it happens. We want you to be prepared if the time ever comes for you. That is why we pulled together the best resources on writing resignation letters, so you can more easily write an appropriate letter when you resign! So check us out today!

Common Interview Questions

Interviewing can be tough - we know this. We want to make sure you have a guide to all the interview questions you may see on your next interview, to make sure you are prepared. Find analysis, overview, sample responses and more! So check us out today!

Descriptive Words

Everyone knows writing can be a challenge, why make it harder than it has to be? We have compiled and organized ideas and suggestions for incorporating more descriptive words into your stories! Improve your writing, get ideas, and more! Check us out today!

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